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‘I Love Lucy’ Questions…?

Question by : ‘I Love Lucy’ questions…?
I’m a huge fan of ‘I Love Lucy’ and recently I came across a movie all about the life of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. It was very interesting and told me things I didn’t know.
I’ve always been the type of person to research any questions I have to get thorough answers but I’m having trouble finding anything I don’t already know about Lucille Ball and the whole ‘I Love Lucy’ deal. It all seems to be the same information or an array of different answers.

This Is Why You Should Talk to Your Kids About Gambling Addiction

This is why you should talk to your kids about gambling addiction
The month known for March Madness is also now known as National Problem Gambling Awareness Month and is as good as a time as any to talk to your child about the dangers of gambling. The enticements are many. Warren Buffett's $ 1 billion “Perfect … Read more on Las Cruces Sun-News

Senior Centers' Casino Trips Help Drive Gambling Addiction
… Posted: Apr 07, 2014. Part 2. Read Part 1 here. BUFFALO, N.Y.–At Jewish Family Services, which provides treatment for gambling addiction, counselors see many people who are in denial, like Gina's father, who lost his retirement savings at local … Read more on New America Media

Provinces' Lottery Agencies Team Up to Get More Millennials Buying Tickets

Provinces' lottery agencies team up to get more millennials buying tickets
Comments. AA. Provincial lottery agencies are facing a big problem – millennials aren't buying lottery tickets nearly as much as their parents do. The agencies are banding together to try to develop a new national lottery aimed at people under 35. They … Read more on The Globe and Mail

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Philip Seymour Hoffman: Remembering the Master

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Remembering The Master
Hoffman stares down the barrel of addiction in this story of a bank employee who embezzles millions of dollars to get his gambling fix. Those who knew Brian Molony, the real-life man who inspired Owning Mahoney, confirm that Hoffman completely embodied … Read more on Paste Magazine

Managing digitised human resource
Instead of asking a group of employees to sit around a table and discuss a problem, some organizations hold “virtual” meetings in which the interaction takes place through computers. Participants express their ideas simultaneously and anonymously … Read more on Pakistan Today

A Good and STRONG Title for This, Please?

Question by Jennipher: A Good and STRONG title for this, please?
Bullying has become such a hard topic for the victims of this hate crime to talk about; this coming from a victim herself.

To help victims of any bullying, I have been working on (along with my other works) a piece that involves both bullying and suicide: …… the way, it has a HAPPY ENDING

Wendolyn “Wendy: Marshall has slit both of her wrists due to the pressure of the constant hurtful words she was facing at school. For years, she had been bullied because her parents divorced due to her father strong gambling addiction; thus not being able to afford certain things like: the top brands in clothes, rent and frequently food.

Support Groups

Support Groups
Sex/Porn addiction, nine Christ-centered and Bible-based meetings in northeast Florida, Lake City and Brunswick. Includes wives support groups. Workbook, $ 30. Call for meeting times and dates. (904) 443-0246. ? The Turning Point Recovery Group for … Read more on Florida Times-Union

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