This Is Why You Should Talk to Your Kids About Gambling Addiction

This is why you should talk to your kids about gambling addiction
The month known for March Madness is also now known as National Problem Gambling Awareness Month and is as good as a time as any to talk to your child about the dangers of gambling. The enticements are many. Warren Buffett's $ 1 billion “Perfect … Read more on Las Cruces Sun-News

Senior Centers' Casino Trips Help Drive Gambling Addiction
… Posted: Apr 07, 2014. Part 2. Read Part 1 here. BUFFALO, N.Y.–At Jewish Family Services, which provides treatment for gambling addiction, counselors see many people who are in denial, like Gina's father, who lost his retirement savings at local … Read more on New America Media

China opens first League of Legends college
Professional League of Legends leagues are monitored by state-run agencies, have their own TV stations, are subject to anti-gambling laws and make teenagers into rich celebrities in China. Video game addiction is a recognized mental condition the way … Read more on The Gamer Headlines

Gambling data sought in drugs prevalence poll
… lifetime (ever used), last year (recent use), and last month (current use) basis. Similar questions will also be asked about alcohol, tobacco, over-the-counter and prescription drug use, and this year, gambling. Attitudinal and demographic … Read more on Irish Medical Times

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