A Good and STRONG Title for This, Please?

Question by Jennipher: A Good and STRONG title for this, please?
Bullying has become such a hard topic for the victims of this hate crime to talk about; this coming from a victim herself.

To help victims of any bullying, I have been working on (along with my other works) a piece that involves both bullying and suicide: ……..by the way, it has a HAPPY ENDING

Wendolyn “Wendy: Marshall has slit both of her wrists due to the pressure of the constant hurtful words she was facing at school. For years, she had been bullied because her parents divorced due to her father strong gambling addiction; thus not being able to afford certain things like: the top brands in clothes, rent and frequently food.

‘Trash Girl’ is what they very often chant whenever they see her as they throw old food for her to eat at her; while others tease her about her father’s uncontrollable addiction of throwing the family’s money away. Her best and ONLY friend, Peter, tried his best to stop the bullying of the kids in the school, but it only made it worse.

Now that she committed suicide, Wendy is safe from the harsh taunts from her tormentors. As a spirit in the afterlife, she is granted several opportunities to get back at each of of her tormentors to show she may be dead but now she can make their life a living hell, just like they done to her.

Wendy wants so much to give back what she received but she quickly learns that revenge makes her no better than they were.

Also, Wendy goes to see how her family and Peter are handling her death. Her parents are fine though sometimes they often struggle while Peter, he has taken her suicide hard for he had fallen in love with her. He calls her his ‘Wendybird” because they were both fascinated with Peter Pan and Wendy.

I will also give you a hint to what happens at the end:
After she learns what Peter’s feelings were for here, she uses one of her spirit powers to possess a living person’s body to show that she ended up okay and she kisses him before she says that she’s waiting for him once he’s really ready to join her.

I want to let you know that, throughout this piece I’m NOT LECTURING the victims but letting them know several things:
1) that even though they feel alone—they are not!
2) bullies VERY OFTEN have a reason of their own as to why they hurt others but they don’t want to tell anyone because they want to appear stronger than they are
3) getting revenge really doesn’t make you any better than them because you have just sunk to their very low and dirty level
4) STAY STRONG and be PATIENT because even though it may not see to..IT WILL GET BETTER
5) telling someone DOES HELP and you WON’T BE A TATTLE-TALE or a BOTHER! Adults do want to help.
6) and finally…. COMMITTING SUICIDE may seem like a way out but it will only hurt the ones that really care about you (like your family and friends!)

Okay, that was a lot to say….for those you stuck by and read to the end, THANK YOU for reading this and I hope you can help me.

I need a good and very strong title for this piece. I was thinking of titling it either “Trash Girl” or “Wendybird” (for the Wendy and Peter relationship) but I’m not sure.

What are your suggestions? It would be a great help if you could help me give a title to his strong piece.

xx oo

Best answer:

Answer by Kvitka
I LOVEE the title Wendybird go with that 🙂

Answer by Brandon
Great story, excellent message and concept, strong character.

As for titles, I’d say “Wendybird” or “The Wendybird”

Or you could make her afterlife a cros between Heaven and a fairytale land and call the book “Neverland”

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