‘I Love Lucy’ Questions…?

Question by : ‘I Love Lucy’ questions…?
I’m a huge fan of ‘I Love Lucy’ and recently I came across a movie all about the life of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. It was very interesting and told me things I didn’t know.
I’ve always been the type of person to research any questions I have to get thorough answers but I’m having trouble finding anything I don’t already know about Lucille Ball and the whole ‘I Love Lucy’ deal. It all seems to be the same information or an array of different answers.

Please feel free to rant on if you know some unique and rare information about:
– Lucy and Desi’s relationship (quotes and links to videos of interviews of them talking about each other would be nice.)
– William Frawley and Vivian Vance’s “feud”
– Vivian and Lucille’s relationship (I’ve heard they hated each other and that they loved each other. I’m assuming they were good friends because of Vivian’s appearances on ‘The Lucy Show’ later on.)
– Desi’s gambling, drinking, and sex addictions
– Lucy and Desi with their kids. (Once again, quotes and videos and such are nice. Articles work too.)

And anything else you’d like to say.

Thanks. (:
Also, if you know where I can watch the episode where Lucy tells Ricky she’s pregnant, the one where she has the baby, and the one where Ricky sings the ‘I Love Lucy’ song, please let me know.

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Answer by Diane

At this website, you can download the episodes, but here are the names of the ones you are looking for:


Just look for those files at that website and click the Download button for each. It will take you to a website where you can download the files without having to download software. I PROMISE YOU! Hope this helps.

Answer by Carolyn D
Well, first of all you can watch episodes at CBS’s website, here: http://www.cbs.com/classics/i_love_lucy/video/
They do have commercials, but otherwise they’re pretty decent. The episodes you’ll be looking for are “Lucy is Enceinte” (Lucy tells Ricky she’s pregnant), “Lucy Goes to the Hospital” (Lucy has the baby), and “Lucy’s Last Birthday” (Ricky sings the theme song.)

Lucy & Desi’s relationship was very love/hate from the beginning apparently, as they were both very jealous types and spent a lot of time apart. In the 40’s Lucy asked for a divorce, but her petition was overthrown after it came out that they’d slept together again since she filed. The best picture I’ve been able to get of their relationship, from beginning to end, is from Desi Arnaz’s autobiography “A Book,” which is a bit one-sided of course, but still very interesting.

William and Vivian never cared for each other, that’s true. William seemed to have had a bit of a gruff personality and just didn’t care for Vivian, and she was always offended that anybody could believe she’d be married to someone like him.

As far as I know, Lucille and Vivian were quite good friends, though Lucille had a very dynamic and headstrong personality and I’m sure she could get into arguments with anyone. There are rumors that Vivian always had to stay a certain weight heavier than Lucille for the show, but I’m not sure if that was true. It’s also been said that Vivian was actually younger than Lucille, but that was later revealed to be untrue, as Vivian had lied about her age.

Desi talks vaguely about his indiscretions in his autobiography, which should be no surprise. Who wants to come right out and admit to those sorts of things? He was definitely a heavy drinker as “I Love Lucy” came to an end, a good bit of which was due to the great stress of acting on that show while running an entire studio. He and Lucille had wanted to make the show so they could be together, rather than living in separate cities like when he was touring and she acting, but in the end they spent so little time together because of the studio and work demands that the relationship fell apart. Whether he was addicted to sex I’m not sure, but it’s fairly widely accepted that he was never very faithful, though he accuses Lucille of the same.

I’ve seen a lot of specials on Lucy, both the show and the person, as well as reading a number of books about it, but Desi’s autobiography was definitely the most enlightening and uncensored. I recently got Lucille’s biography but have yet to have the chance to read it. If you’re willing to spend the time to read a book, I think you’ll find a lot more is revealed there than in interviews or clips online.

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