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Books or CD’s That Can Help a Recovering Alcoholic?

Question by sweetgirl: Books or CD’s that can help a recovering alcoholic?
Do you know of any books, cds or magazine that may help someone get help for alcoholism.
This is for a friend not for me. He has The AA book but looking for something else maybe reflections or stories of others that have been in his situatuion

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Answer by Andy F
try ebay

Will Medicaid Pay for Alcohol Rehab in Utah?

Question by Angie: Will medicaid pay for alcohol rehab in Utah?
If you had a brother, sister, son, or daughter that needs help. Would you do anything you could to help them? This is a disease!

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Answer by raysny
No. Although alcoholism is considered a disease by some, it is treated as a behavior by the government.

How Did Elliot Smith Die?

Question by oblivious: how did elliot smith die?

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Can Someone With Addictions Ever Fully Recover or Will They Always Struggle in Some Form?

Question by HandS: Can someone with addictions ever fully recover or will they always struggle in some form?
Is will power the only method for continued recovery?

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Answer by The Revolutionary
You can recover, but you’re always in danger of relapsing. Always. Which is exactly why you remove yourself from all situations that could get you into trouble and “just take it one day at a time.”

Answer by Dallas S
Yes and for me I still have days that I would like to use. It has gotten so the days are fewer but I still find myself wanting to use.

Will Short Term Memory From Weed Last Forever?

Question by James: Will short term memory from weed last forever?
Im a 14 year old kid im really scared i tried weed once like one puff and now im freaking out i have really bad anxiety alot of people tell me it from that but i dont know i worry about illnesses and stuff what i do is think back to like yesterday then i forget something that happened yesterday and i freak out will this last forever when i think about it that it will last forever and my anxiety i think i should just kill myself and all my worries will go away Thanks James

Will I Have to Go to AA Meetings After Getting My 1st Dui Charge?

Question by love_66: Will I have to go to AA meetings after getting my 1st dui charge?
I live in Florida. I got a dui a few nights ago. I was just wondering in most cases if AA meetings are usually appointed by the judge? This charge was also followed by a hit and run charge. I think AA would be a good idea for me. Is there any way I can even request going to AA?

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Answer by Angela
You’ll go either way. at least that’s how it is in Oregon