Will Short Term Memory From Weed Last Forever?

Question by James: Will short term memory from weed last forever?
Im a 14 year old kid im really scared i tried weed once like one puff and now im freaking out i have really bad anxiety alot of people tell me it from that but i dont know i worry about illnesses and stuff what i do is think back to like yesterday then i forget something that happened yesterday and i freak out will this last forever when i think about it that it will last forever and my anxiety i think i should just kill myself and all my worries will go away Thanks James

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Answer by KauaiChrons
It’s just short-term, you’re freaking yourself over nothing. However stay away from it you’re way too young, it’s not good on the developing brain. Coping skills is just one of the things you will lack if you continue to smoke weed. This is long term scientific studies recently collected, and was tested with ADULTS, but you should be more educated about marijuana:

Source:( http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/news/… )
Analysis of Studies Finds Little Effect From Long-Term Use
By Sid Kirchheimer
WebMD Health News
July 1, 2003 — Long-term and even daily marijuana use doesn’t appear to cause permanent brain damage, adding to evidence that it can be a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of diseases, say researchers.
The researchers found only a “very small” impairment in memory and learning among long-term marijuana users. Otherwise, scores on thinking tests were similar to those who don’t smoke marijuana, according to a new analysis of 15 previous studies.
In those studies, some 700 regular marijuana users were compared with 484 non-users on various aspects of brain function — including reaction time, language and motor skills, reasoning ability, memory, and the ability to learn new information.

Surprising Finding:
“We were somewhat surprised by our finding, especially since there’s been a controversy for some years on whether long-term cannabis use causes brain damage,” says lead researcher and psychiatrist Igor Grant, MD.
“I suppose we expected to see some differences in people who were heavy users, but in fact the differences were very minimal.”
The marijuana users in those 15 studies — which lasted between three months to more than 13 years — had smoked marijuana several times a week or month or daily. Still, researchers say impairments were less than what is typically found from using alcohol or other drugs.

Source: ( http://www.bioedonline.org/news/news.cfm… )
Many drugs, such as heroin, cocaine and alcohol, inhibit the growth of new cells in the hippocampus, which scientists believe could emotionally destabilize addicts. Understanding how drugs affect the hippocampus may have a critical role in treating addiction.Neuropsychologist Xia Zhang and a team of researchers based at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, aimed to find out just how marijuana-like drugs, known collectively as cannabinoids, act on the brain.

The researchers injected rats with HU210, a synthetic drug that is about one-hundred times as powerful as THC, the high-inducing compound naturally found in marijuana. They then used a chemical tracer to watch new cells growing in the hippocampus.

They found that HU210 seemed to induce new brain cell growth, just as some antidepressant drugs do, they report in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. This suggests that they could potentially be used to reduce anxiety and depression, Zhang says. He adds that the research might help to create new cannabinoid-based treatments.

“I think it’s a very exciting study,” says Amelia Eisch, an addiction researcher at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. “It makes marijuana look more like an antidepressant and less like a drug of abuse.”

Answer by Amanda
One puff? LOL give me a break. You’re just extremely paranoid.

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