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What’s the Name of the Industrial Techno Song With Lyrics “Percocet, Valium, Morphine, Heroin, Cocaine” ?

Question by Kayla: What’s the name of the industrial techno song with lyrics “percocet, valium, morphine, heroin, cocaine” ?
That’s really just the most notable thing about the song the rattled off list of drug names that’s consistent through out the song as the beat changes. I don’t think that’s the correct order of the drugs rattled off tho, but that’s definitely the list. Male vocalist. Please help!

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Answer by Toni
I don’t know, but if you find out could you let me know please? Thanks, good luck!

Do You Know Someone Who Has Been on the Tv Show?

Question by monkeybone3: Do you know someone who has been on the tv show?
“Intervention”??? I was watching the other day and there was a guy I knew from childhood/teen years. I was shocked! I never knew he had problems back when… He looked bad…real bad. And he’s only like 3-4 years older than me.

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Survey About Marijuana?

Question by A: Survey about Marijuana?
I’m doing a final project for my class and had an opinion poll that I wanted to ask anyone who would like to participate:
1) Have you ever used marijuana?
2) Have you ever committed a crime, misdemeanor or felony?
3) Do you believe marijuana can be used as a mental and/or physical healing agent?
4) Do you continue to use marijuana? If so, how long have you used it? If not, how long did you use it?
5) Do you believe alcohol or marijuana is more dangerous?
6) Do you support the legalization of marijuana?

I Want to Stop Smoking Crack Cocaine. I Dont No How. Dont Know How to Even Start Try. Please Help.?

Question by addicted: i want to stop smoking crack cocaine. I dont no how. dont know how to even start try. please help.?

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Answer by lance
Go to a rehab center, thats probably your best bet. Even though it might not sound too good right now, you won’t regret it later. Force yourself to go.

Answer by Annette S
Go to rehab. Just go to someone. Why’d you even smoke it in the first place? It’s so ghetto.

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Latin America looks to Europe for drug fighting models

What Is the Molcular Structure of “Black Cocaine”?

Question by Kat: What is the molcular structure of “Black Cocaine”?
So, what is it? I what to use it for my Chemistey mocular model assigment. Is it even a unique compound or is it just a facy/different form of cocaine(having the exact same molcular structure)?

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Answer by YoInDaHouseofDA HOUSE!
It consists of molecules.

Answer by David M
It is cocaine hydrochloride + plus other darkly colored inorganic compounds including sodium thiocyanate…

From wikipedia…

Can Anyone Explain All the Different Drugs That People Do?

Question by Abcda D: can anyone explain all the different drugs that people do?
were learning about drugs in my health class and i dont know anything about them. ive heard of drugs like crack, cocaine, meth, weed, etc., but i dont know anything about them. what are tehy used for? what do they look like (i know cocaine is in the form of powder and you sniff it, but the rest of them i dont know)?

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