Why Do People Say That Pot Isn’t Addicting?

Question by DESTROYdestroy: Why do people say that pot isn’t addicting?
I don’t get why people say its not. It creates a feeling of pleasure right, then you continue to chase that feeling of pleasure by smoking it again and again. To me that sounds like an addiction.

Can someone please explain to me why people say that pot isn’t addicting, because I just don’t get it…

Best answer:

Answer by bizzurke
well…its not physically addicting. that is why people say it. it is mentally addictive though, i classify addiction as something where your body goes through problems if you stop it, because your body is then ADDICTED to it. people just want and like to smoke pot…their body is not ADDICTED to it.

Answer by JANE
I agree. Any drug is addicting.

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