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What Does This “G” Mean?

Question by dilchz: What does this “G” mean?
From this article:,224241 There is a statement about fighter pilot’s hitting “5 G’s.” What does that mean? Is it a unit of velocity? Slang for “knots?” I’m just curious.

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Answer by CheesyPeas
G force

Answer by Information Police
1G = the force of gravity on Earth.

So 5 Gs mean that the force of the pilot is equivalent to 5 X the force of gravity.

Things Found in the Kitchen That Starts With the Letter “g”?

Question by Gab: things found in the kitchen that starts with the letter “g”?
what things that u find in a kitchen that start with the letter “g”

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Answer by Page1344

Answer by Rae
glass, garlic, goulash, grapenuts, grapes, grapefruit,

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Glee Star's death shines light on dramatic rise in Heroin deaths

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What Is the Magnitude of a 10 “g” Force on a 5 Kg Mass?

Question by stuckonmath: What is the magnitude of a 10 “g” force on a 5 kg mass?
What is the magnitude of a 10 “g” force on a 5 kg mass?

I know the equation is F = m*a , but i get stuck after that.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by ezalaxy
g is a constant equal to 9.81 meters/second² . So a = 10*g = 98.1 m/s², and m = 5 kg, so F = m*a = 5 * 98.1 = 490.5 N .

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What Is “g-all-lik” Under ‘Traffic Sources’ in YouTube Analytics?

Question by : What is “g-all-lik” under ‘Traffic Sources’ in YouTube Analytics?
For a lot of my videos on YouTube, the most viewed traffic source is titled “g-all-lik” under the “YouTube – other features” link. The “g-all-lik” is plain text and does not link to anything like most other sources. It always has at least 40 more views than my channel page for example. So what is it? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Alex
Well I can tell you some and I can tell you how to find the rest.

How Do I Make My “Ticks of the Trade” to Where I Can Us “g” Button to Activate Ability?

Question by Napoleon A: How do i make my “ticks of the trade” to where i can us “g” button to activate ability?
World Of Warcraft
Mut Rogue
4.0.1 patch

like if i can when i press “g” it goes to the focus toon?

Best answer:

Answer by Jeff
go to keybinding menu, go to bottom right/left… and make that binding the “g” button then put your skill on that space.

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