I Am Writing an Essay About How Casino Gambling Is Bad?

Question by Tatum: I am writing an essay about how casino gambling is bad?
and I need to cover these 4 things..

1. gambling can be an addiction
2. casino gambling draws thousands of customers each year
3. casino gambling is dependent on customers who will loose there money
4. the locations of casinos increase crime rates

and then im supposed to put all of that info together into a paragraph to prove that “the U.S. will no longer legalize casino gambling”

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Answer by Sabz
relax urs is good soo far good topic!LOL

Answer by SLOTS!
They also feed you free booze while you gamble. Nothing like getting your judgment impaired while your entire paycheck is in your pocket.

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San Diego HTH “Lady Gaga” Gambling PSA – Find teen gambling addiction information and other resources on the prevention, intervention, & treatment for problem and pathological gamblers, their families, and communities at problemgambling.ca.gov or call 1-800-GAMBLER


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