Havikoro Crew


Havikoro Crew – A b-boy (or beat-boy) is a male dancer who practices breaking or b-boying, the acrobatic hip-hop dance style commonly known as “breakdancing.” For the first time in Chandigarh and in celebration of the American Corner’s sixth anniversary, check out b-boy crew HaviKoro perform live! Meet HaviKoro after the show! Entrance is free. For more information, contact the American Corner @ 0127-270-2565. HaviKoro is a group of street dancers that are natural comedians, actors, writers, entertainers, poets, rappers, designers, and music producers. Based in Houston, Texas, the crew formed in 1999. Individually, their performance experience dates back to the early 1990’s where they grew up dancing on the streets of Houston. They have performed in schools, churches, theaters, competition events, nightclubs, prisons, juvenile correctional facilities, drug/rehab treatment centers, and other venues all across the United States. In 2005, they partnered with Houston’s Association of American Voices to perform in dozens of foreign countries ranging from Azerbaijan and Vietnam to Haiti and Argentina, as US ‘Hiplomats’ representing the unique contribution of Hip Hop to American culture. HaviKoro works with youth and adults, and teaches workshops to promote higher values in life: achieving a higher education, living a drug free, non-violent and physically fit life.


Medical breakthroughs come at slow pace

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The distance between a scientific discovery and a commercial treatment is known in the drug industry as the "valley of death," and that's where most medical innovations end up. For every 5,000 to 10,000 … Foundation. A year ago the National …
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Staten Island evacuees criticize Bayley Seton shelter: 'More drugs in here

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Enlarge Anthony DePrimo Midland Beach residents Anthony Sorensen and his wife Diana Crockett are pictured inside the kennel area with their dogs Cali and Rico at Bayley Seton Hospital in Clifton, where it serves as a storm recovery center for Islanders …
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South Africa shows progress in fighting against AIDS, HIV

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After two decades of developing treatment and medications, Themba Lethu Clinic becomes the largest antiretroviral treatment center in the country. Because of its high quality care reputation, TLC serves up to 800 patients from the entire Southern …
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