Survey About Marijuana?

Question by A: Survey about Marijuana?
I’m doing a final project for my class and had an opinion poll that I wanted to ask anyone who would like to participate:
1) Have you ever used marijuana?
2) Have you ever committed a crime, misdemeanor or felony?
3) Do you believe marijuana can be used as a mental and/or physical healing agent?
4) Do you continue to use marijuana? If so, how long have you used it? If not, how long did you use it?
5) Do you believe alcohol or marijuana is more dangerous?
6) Do you support the legalization of marijuana?

If you could help me out on this I’d really appreciate it. If you don’t feel comfortable asking one or more of the questions, then just leave them blank or put N/A and if you haven’t used marijuana, just put N/A for #4 as well, thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by gateway into your dreams
1.yes love it :3
2.both multiple times im on peral for the next year
3.yes it is! its good for the soul
4.yes,6 years started when i was 10,i smoke at least 6 times a day for a few hours
5.put them together and they are amazing
6.yes i do! and it dont matter if it doesnt become legal i am still gonna smoke my a$ $ off :3

Answer by Cody C
1) I am right now
2) Not yet
3) Of course
4) Yes, 4 years
5) They are amazing together

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