Can Anyone Explain All the Different Drugs That People Do?

Question by Abcda D: can anyone explain all the different drugs that people do?
were learning about drugs in my health class and i dont know anything about them. ive heard of drugs like crack, cocaine, meth, weed, etc., but i dont know anything about them. what are tehy used for? what do they look like (i know cocaine is in the form of powder and you sniff it, but the rest of them i dont know)?

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Answer by becca jc
My mother was a meth user and there are a few ways to use it, interveinious (needle) smoking it and some do snort it. Meth can com ein a power or a crystal. A lot of people are addicted to it and have severe problems. Meth destroys lives and just keep the thought in your head when you really begin to learn in class, its scarry yet interesting at the same time.

Answer by relaxification
People take these drugs because they feel good, plain and simple. Often, though, the first time you try a drug (even a drug that’s considered really terrible) it feels great. But many drugs (like meth or coke) never really feel as good again. But people keep trying to feel what it felt like that first time.

Of course this can lead to addiction. And when someone gets addicted they do the drug over an over and over, and that’s generally really bad for you.

There are two types of addiction: physical and psychological. Physical addiction means there are real, physical symptoms when you stop. Heroin addicts have a terrible fever and pain for several days. Alcoholics (really bad ones) can die if they stop drinking without “winding down” and taking less and less each day for a few days.

Phychological addiction is all in your head (I don’t mean it’s not real, I mean it takes place in your head.) Quitting doesn’t involve physical pain, but you might find that the only thing you can think about is that drug. Cocaine is like this.

So here comes a lot of unbiased information. So much that I’m going to ignore the grammar and get to the point.

Marijuana (pot, hash weed) – A green herb, usually smoked. Generally relaxing, things seem funnier, you get hungry. Can cause anxiety. Not physically addictive, but very habit forming for some. Too much weed is uncomfortable and maybe scary, but you’ll be fine.

Cocaine (coke, crack) – Coke is a white powder, snorted or injected. Crack is the smokeable form of the same drug and looks like small chunks of offwhite plastic. Creates a sense of wellbeing and invincibility. Intense euphoria. Lack of appetite. Very short in duration, after which the user crashes and craves more of the drug. Not physically addictive, but highly addictive psychologically. Too much coke and your heart races, you get paranoid, and you might have a heart attack or stroke.

Heroin (horse, smack, tar) Either a white/grey powder or a sticky black tar. Smoked, sniffed, injected. Heroin is a powerful painkiller. It also completely removes any sense of fear or anxiety. Some users “nod off” or fall asleep. Very easy to overdose and die by taking too much. Highly physically addictive, as well as psychologically. Too much heroin and you stop breathing and die.

Methamphetamine. (white powder, clear crystals) Similar to cocaine, but much longer lasting. Highly psychologically addictive. Too much meth = too much coke.

Mushrooms (they really are mushrooms) – Certain types of mushrooms contain chemicals called hallucinogens. They make you hallucinate (see things.) And your mind kind of gets twisted around. The experience can be very entertaining or quite scary. Not generally addictive. Too many shrooms = fear.

LSD (acid, hits) – Usually small pieces of blotter paper, but sometimes pills or just clear liquid in a bottle. Very potent hallucinogen. Like mushrooms but stronger.

Ecstasy (E, X, mdma) – Usually pill form, sometimes a powder. Ecstasy is both a hallucinogen and a stimulant, and feels like a mix of both. It also makes people feel very comfortable talking about personal emotional issues, and can create a very warm, safe, loving atmosphere among people under its influence. Sense of touch is enhanced, music sounds better, dancing is really fun. Easy to overheat, so drinking lots of water is important. Too much E = death (for a few people) or a major meltdown for the rest.

Alcohol (you know what this looks like) – when people drink they lose their sense of what’s appropriate, slur their words, and lose their sense of balance. Too much booze = (in extreme cases) death. Plenty of booze = terrible hangover.

Does this help? I’m doing my best to tell you the truth about each drug because I think it’s dangerous to lie to kids about these kind of things.

But I’m not recommending you try any of them. I would advise against that.

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