Why Are People So Harsh Towards Amy Winehouse’s Death?

Question by jdukenumber1: Why are people so harsh towards Amy Winehouse’s death?
i’ve read comments saying “she deserves to die for being a druggie” or “if her family cared that much they would have stopped her, not wait until after she’s dead to start a rehab center” or “that’s one more talentless person gone from the earth” etc… yes, she was a drug addict and she could’ve changed her life around but it amazes me how we can have so much hate. i thought she had a wonderful voice and i liked some of her songs it’s just a shame that she didn’t have more self control.

Best answer:

Answer by Phillip Asterverens
Should have been Winefactory, not Winehouse.

Answer by Kevin Karlsson
She was a crackah, it’s her own fault and I don’t give a flying fu

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