St. Joseph Leaders Consider "Gambling" on Downtown

St. Joseph Leaders Consider "Gambling" on Downtown
"To me, the culture of casinos is a decadent culture of addiction," said Isobel McGowan, who lives just north of downtown. "Alcohol addictions, tobacco addictions and gambling addictions I think all have immense impact on our community." In the end … Read more on

Fair ride operator admits corruption
When confronted about the matter, Ms. Gorton-Parrish responded via text message that she was sorry for what she did and asked if she could pay the money back, noting that she had a gambling problem and needed to seek help for issues related to gambling … Read more on Scranton Times-Tribune

Singapore Considers a Ban on Remote Gambling
The latest figures present a stark contrast to a 2011 survey by Singapore's National Council for Problem Gambling, which found that only 1 percent of respondents had tried gambling online. Singaporean authorities are also concerned that online gambling … Read more on the Diplomat

Is Wall Street playing the lottery with its customers' money?
Finance is an industry addicted to gambling. Regulators should be careful not to let 'a monkey sell … or, as it's known on Wall Street, prop trading. The goal of the rule is to prevent banks from gambling with the deposits of people, institutions and … Read more on The Guardian

Addiction Meeting
Eric Woods hosts an addiction meeting to get people back on track, but he is about to encounter his most unusual meeting yet… Starring: Mickey Garcia …as…


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