What Are Some ‘Singer Songwriter’ Songs of the 70’s You Have Been Addicted to or Are Currently Addicted To?

Question by Zappa Fan: What are some ‘Singer Songwriter’ songs of the 70’s you have been addicted to or are currently addicted to?
A few of mine:

‘I Got A Name’ by Jim Croce
‘Fire And Rain’ by James Taylor
‘Carefree Highway’ by Gordon Lightfoot
‘Operator’ by Jim Croce is Amazing too.

Best answer:

Answer by Future Citizen of Forvik
‘Samson and the Warden” by Loudon Wainwright III
“Sam Stone” by John Prine

Answer by Townes
I’ve mostly let the 70s go, but if I think back…

A Case of You, Joni Mitchell
To Live is to Fly, Townes Van Zandt
Love Has No Pride, Eric Kaz

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