A Mother Speaks Out on the Rockefeller Drug Laws


A Mother Speaks Out On the Rockefeller Drug Laws – In 2003, Cheri O’Donoghue’s son was arrested under the Rockefeller drug laws. Since then, she has fought for his release and an end to the Rockefeller drug laws. Listen to Rockefeller reform advocate and parent Cheri O’Donoghue tell her story and explain how you can get involved. May 8th marks the 34th anniversary of New York’s Rockefeller Drug Laws. Hip-Hop Megastar Jim Jones has just released Lockdown, USA, a powerful song calling for real reform of the draconian Rockefeller drug laws and an end to the war on drugs. The song and video are now available on the website of the Drug Policy Alliance (www.drugpolicy.org). Go to the website, watch the video and listen to the song – learn about Rockefeller’s impact on New York State and the war on drug’s impact on this nation. Since 1973, the Rockefeller drug laws have required extremely harsh prison terms for the possession or sale of relatively small amounts of drugs. Most of the people incarcerated under these laws are convicted of low-level, nonviolent offenses, and many of them have no prior criminal records. These New York State laws are emblematic of America’s longest running war, a war that affects the whole nation. That war is the war on drugs. Earmarked by mandatory minimum sentences, extreme racial disparities in drug incarceration versus drug usage, and a lack of affordable drug treatment opportunities — this war has only been successful in destroying countless lives families, and communities. Despite a few recent


Drugs for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis to be more affordable

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HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B (HBV) sufferers are expected to get wider access to quality medicines at affordable prices as local drug manufacturers now have the authorization to produce anti-retroviral medicines. The drug manufacturers, however, will still …
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Sex Addiction Expert and Founder of the Sexual Recovery Institute to Speak at

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The Sexual Recovery Institute is the nation's premier outpatient program for men and women struggling with relationship, love and sex addiction. Based in Los Angeles, California, the institute offers confidential, affordable and gender-specific …
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Global Fund Moves To Discontinue Project Subsidizing Malaria Drugs

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After months of debate, the Global Fund announced plans to wind down a controversial pilot project that subsidizes malaria drugs in Africa. Some health workers in the U.S. fault the decision, saying it doesn't address the major challenges of treating …
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