Treatments for Drug Dependency


Treatments for Drug Dependency – – FREE EBOOK overs the following topics: What is Drug Addiction? Who is Most at Risk for Drug Abuse and Dependency? Is There a Cure? What are the Most Commonly Abused Drugs? Diagnosing Drug Addiction What are the Symptoms of Drug Dependency and Abuse? What Causes Drug Addiction? Factors in the Development of Drug Dependency Help for Drug Addiction Treatments for Drug Dependency Are there Other Disorders that May be Related to Drug Abuse? Tips for Coping with Drug Addiction Tips for Concerned Parents How do I Recognize Drug Abuse in My Teenager? The Natural Approach Related Natural Remedies Visit… THE HERBAL REMEDIES STORE All of our natural remedies are formulated by an expert team of herbalists, naturopaths and homeopaths, and headed by Michele Carelse, a trained Clinical Psychologist.


A former drug addict shares his story for Addictions Awareness Week

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We all grew up with the warnings about drugs in school, but sometimes the public perception of what it means to be an addict misses the reality. “It started out with just pot and alcohol like most kids, but for me it was different it was like an …
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* Victims are mostly drug addicts who took Tyno to get high

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Five of them died en route to hospital while seven more died on Sunday, with the victims mostly drug addicts who took the syrup to get high, said local police station chief Atif Zulfiqar. “At least 16 people, mostly drug addicts, have died after taking …
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The stigma of drug addiction: “I felt inadequate, inferior, ashamed”

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Sue started driving 40 miles every week to a self-help group for relatives of addicts, where she says she could get away from the isolation and judgement, which she believes added to the family's trauma and hindered her son's recovery. “That's where my …
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