Can You Elaborate on This Quote?! Thanks!?

Question by stephh(:<33: Can you elaborate on this quote?! Thanks!?
I have to write a paragraph on this quote about what i think it means and do i believe it and so on. But i don’t really understand it. So can somebody tell me their views on the quote, what does it mean to you?
Thanks so much!
Here’s the quote:
“Better a little fire to warm us than a great one to burn us.”

Oh, it’s along the lines of being thankful for what we have, and not taking things for granted. But i don’t know where they’re going with that quote lol.

Best answer:

Answer by A?
Its a quote for one of the seven sins….the sin being “greed” for example (never do this kids lol) but if you rob a bank and get $ 100,000 and get away with it dont be greedy and try it again for $ 200,000 because this time you could get caught and what do you know you get charged on both cases hope you enjoy jail…..see dont be greedy or get burnt

Answer by yumnabaqai
this means to live with what you need and not with the whole bunch of things like you need food to live so food is your basic necessity here if you start eating ice creams and make it your necessity too its like the whole great fire ( as in the quote) to burn you. i guess this quote means live within limits!
i hope this answers your question
have a nice day

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