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Recovery from Drug Addiction – Brittany’s Story – Addiction Treatment – Ambrosia Treatment Center – Visit Ambrosia Treatment Center website for further information. or call 866-577-6868 I’ve struggled my whole since I was 14 with drug addiction. My whole life was unmanageable and it finally caught up to me and I overdosed for my third time and that is when I decided I differently needed to come to drug treatment, because I knew if I didn’t I was differently going to die. Without a question, I didn’t think there was any other chance for me to survive out there. I mean I got high at my house alone, I overdosed, I was there for quite a while until my brother came to my house. My brother found my on the floor. My brother is a police officer so he called everybody he needed to call and got me to the hospital and that’s when I made the decision that I needed to do something about my drug addiction. I came down to Ambrosia Treatment Center in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. How Have You Changed? Finally here I’ve finally, come to realize that I can’t do any of that stuff. You know every like alcohol is a drug, which was very hard for me to realize, and now I finally understood that I can’t do that stuff. Now I have a better chance. I’ve surrendered to my addiction. Ambrosia Treatment Drug Rehab Center provides drug addiction treatment services in Florida, alcohol detox, drug detox and intensive outpatient drug rehab. http


Book of Dreams: Party would uplift spirits of Clean & Sober members

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For people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, the holidays can be especially hard. Loneliness, isolation from family and painful memories can sweep in and not only bring sadness, but also undermine even the most courageous attempts to live in …
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A light through addiction's 'dark days'

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By supporting Phoenix Multisport financially, donors can make recovery possible for millions nationally and we can break the cycle of addiction so future generations don't have to grow up under the shadow of alcoholism or drug addiction. CNN: What was …
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State strategy places substance abuse emphasis where it belongs

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While the emotional costs related to substance abuse are immeasurable, it's estimated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse that for every dollar we spend on prevention and recovery, we save $ 12 in health care and criminal justice costs …
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