The Compulsive Gamblers ‘Stop and Think It Over” @ Gonerfest 6


The Compulsive Gamblers ‘Stop and Think it Over” @ Gonerfest 6 – Recorded on September 26, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.


Twaddle tells players not to take gamble

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I don't preach to people because I know that some people can put on a bet and that's fine – but I was a maniac, compulsive, and it has scarred me for life. I can pass on my wealth of knowledge, both with football and gambling, and I feel privileged …
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Man barred from casino uses mother's ID to enter premises

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The compulsion to gamble was so strong that a 42-year-old man resorted to using his mother's identity card to go to a casino from which he is barred from entering. And after he was caught by security, he flushed his mother's identity card down the …
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