Rebecca – Malibu Horizon is the leading Malibu drug rehab treatment center. Unlike other drug rehab treatment centers in Malibu CA, Malibu Horizon is the leading drug rehab treatment center in Malibu because they treat each person as a unique individual. They specialize in depression and anxiety which often co-occur with drug addiction and/or alcoholism


Departing Mexican Leader Leaves a Mixed Legacy

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Mr. Calderón acknowledges the drug gangs were much stronger than he realized. He often compares his position to that of a doctor who operates a patient for appendicitis but discovers widespread cancer and begins aggressive treatment. "Of course, there …
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Don Varden – Serenity Malibu Rated Among Top Addiction Treatment Centers in

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Don Varden's Serenity Malibu tops the list of best treatment centers in the United States. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share on LinkedIn Email a friend. (PRWEB) November 20, 2012. Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the biggest …
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Exelixis's Thyroid Cancer Treatment Gains US Approval

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In addition to prostate cancer, Exelixis is testing cabozantinib in breast, ovarian and renal cancers, as well as solid tumors, non-small cell lung cancer and multiple myeloma. The treatment is the FDA's 31st new drug approval this year, surpassing a …
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