I Quit Gambling as Easy as Pie With Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy, Laser, Bioresonance.


I Quit Gambling as Easy as Pie with Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy, Laser, Bioresonance. – www.lifeprinciples.com Andrew overcame his entrenched, ten year gambling addiction in just one session. Hi my name is Andrew. My sister saw Shokat on the TV and then read more about it on the internet. My brother in law then bought me to see Shokat and also helped me to finance the programme. Over the last 10 years I must have lost over £100000 on gambling. The stress of gambling was making me ill. I neglected every aspect of my life because of this. Gambling on the roulette tables was running my life. I would get paid and then be drawn to the roulette table where I would lose all my money. I would feel physically sick after losing all my money and become depressed and promise myself I would never gamble again. The following week I would end up gambling again. After the first session three weeks ago, I have lost all compulsion to gamble. I have been surprised it has been that easy. A week after my treatment I deliberately went into the bookies to see what would happen. I could see other people gamble but not once was I tempted to place a bet. In the past if I ever went to the bookies I would play and nothing could tear me away from plying roulette until I had lost all my money. I now have a life thanks to you. Andrew from Birmingham. Here is another person who quit gambling with our help Roberts twenty year gambling addiction vanished in just one powerful hypnotherapy session. Dear Ali. I can?t thank you enough for your time and help yesterday. I feel a calm I haven?t


How Stuart turned his life from gambler to Prince's Trust ambassador

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“Then I had a few issues with landlords, getting threats because I couldn't afford to pay my rent because I was gambling at the time. I'd suffered with gambling issues for about four years, so it got to a point where I decided I had to stop or it was …
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Smoking 'rots' the brain: one more reason to try hypnotherapy

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People who have not been smokers can sometimes find it hard to understand why a person who is a smoker has difficulty kicking the addiction to cigarettes, but addiction of any kind (snacking, chocolate, feelings, gambling, alcohol, internet… the list …
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Mad as Heck, But at Whom?

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No bank or public institution accepting public deposits was allowed to engage in speculation or closer to the truth “gambling” with the public's deposits. … (In) the … Quit blaming the president and vote your conscience next time, not the party. It …
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Winning The Lottery Isn't Always A Happy Ending

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If only we won the lottery, we thought, we would quit our jobs; spend with abandon instead of counting our pennies; be generous to friends, family and charity; or travel around the world. Instead, we have to face the fact that none of this is going to …
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