I Need Help With This Homework Question?

Question by Alois Trancy: I need help with this homework question?
Im doing homework for biology about drugs and effects it has and theres a question i cant think of an answer for.. Help? The question i have to answer is: What would you tell a patient who asks, “Is my addiction a disease? Will I ever be cured?” Justify your answer.

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Answer by Jonathan
Yes with a strong will

Elaborate on that……

Answer by Grochocinco
It depends what the addiction is to. Alcoholism is a very serious disease, both mentally and physically. It can be very hard to cure, but is possible. Most people don’t consider them ‘addictions’, but eating disorders are also the same case. Eating disorders start as an obsession and strictly mental addiction and turn into a physical condition, but also are curable (but not drugs, like you asked). Marijuana, on the other hand, is NOT a real addiction. It is all mental, because there are no addictive chemicals in it. Someone who says they are ‘addicted to weed’ is not actually addicted, and it is not considered a disease. So for drugs like pain killers, heroine, cocaine, cigarettes, alcohol, etc., true physical addictions are diseases and can be cured in time.

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