Would You Say the 50’s and 80’s Were the Worst Thing to Happen to Society?

Question by Cara M: Would you say the 50’s and 80’s were the worst thing to happen to society?
50’s was the era where television and radios were coming popular and the 80’s was the era where technology such as computers were becoming popular. If anything, the 80’s is sort of like the 50’s part 2 with the rise of pop music and technology, which was similar to the 50’s. If you think about it, the whole addiction to technology came from the 50’s and the 80’s expanded on it.

Best answer:

Answer by Charles
The worst thing that ever happen was in the sixties with the decline of moral and ethical values.

Answer by Thomas
All those salvation preachers at first must learn what they are talking about. “Addiction” has a precise definition to make it distinguishable from “dependency”. Addiction must be cured, dependency not (we all depend from the air we breathe, babies from their parents, fish from water). “Addiction” is an activity or a drug whichs effects increasingly become the centre of the life of the addicted AND inflict damage to the individual and/or the society.
Mass communication and computer technology have the same addictive potential like anything else. People can be addicted to eating, gambling, shopping, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, computer games and many more things. That is not the problem of the item people are addicted to, but the problem of the addicted. There is no reason to blame or stigmatize anybody, addiction is as a disease requiring medical therapy.
Anything else like the general esoteric assumption of technology killing people has nothing to do with addiction and people should be more careful to use this word.

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