How Often Must One Get Drunk Before You Would Consider Them an Alcoholic? ?

Question by Frenzy: How often must one get drunk before you would consider them an alcoholic? ?
With what frequency must drinking to get drunk, not having a glass of wine over dinner for instance, occur before you would consider a person an alcoholic?

I don’t buy into this AA mythology that alcoholism is a disease, by the way. It’s an expression of a specific behavior – excessive consumption of alcohol to get become inebriated. So, if you happen to be a member of that cult, you don’t have to answer this question.

Best answer:

Well, the doctors say, I think it is one or two drinks a day is OK, maybe three stretching it, so take it from there, then you are damaging your body

Answer by bmwfanboy1990
I think it when it interfears with your life, so assuming you work mon to fri, you could get drunk 2 times a week, friday and saturday, and be ok, meaning it would be 3 times a week for an alcoholic.

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