How Do I Tell My Parents I Want to Go to Rehab?

Question by emo_cuttie: how do i tell my parents i want to go to rehab?
Im 14 and i started smoking weed at 10, last year i got into harder stuff. This year i’ve decided toget my life back on track. My parents know that iv done drugs here and there, but they dont know the extent of my habit. I dont know how to tell them that i need rehab without them blowing up at me, we have a very strained relationship as it is.

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Answer by cubanchica198716
i dont think they should get mad..i mean ur trying to better urself and thats always good! good job though! im glad u’ve decided to get ur life straight..just let them know…they will probably get mad..but its all for the better..good luck

Answer by shyri1987
just sit down with your mom and say mom i think i need help pleaee dont get mad i just need help

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