How Long Will Cocaine Stay in My System Based on These Facts?

Question by : How long will cocaine stay in my system based on these facts?
Some quick facts that may help determine:
I am 18 years old, weigh 192lbs with ~15% bodyfat at 6′ tall and exercise frequently and consume 6-8 glasses of water daily.
I have only used cocaine a total of 3 times.
The most cocaine I’ve consumed was about a gram to myself apprx. 2 months ago.
The last time I consumed cocaine was 2 days ago. (about .25-.33g)

Thanks for any help!

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Answer by Electra S
Cocaine can stay in your system for several days at a minimum; the metabolites of cocaine, or the substances that your body produces in response to the introduction of cocaine, can remain in you much longer. Most modern drug tests can detect not only the cocaine itself, but the metabolites, and so drug use should be stopped long before any drug testing is begun.
If you have only used cocaine once—ever—the cocaine itself will be mostly gone from your body after three days. Trace amounts might be left, however, depending on how your body metabolizes the drug, your body size, your sex, and the amount of cocaine you ingested. The metabolites your body produces from the cocaine will remain for up to several weeks.
If you’re a habitual cocaine user, though, all bets are off. The cocaine has metabolized itself into your blood, urine, internal organs and even your hair. It takes much, much longer for all the metabolites to leave your system, and the drug tests test for not only the drug itself, but the metabolites.
Once you stop taking cocaine, there are a few things you can do to help speed up the process of getting the drug and its residual effects out of your system. The biggest one is drinking lots of water. This will help “flush” the drug from your system, including some of the metabolites. Exercising will help as well, since this will increase your metabolism and move that water through your body a little faster.
None of the “detoxification” products on the market will guarantee that you’ll pass a drug test. That’s because how your body reacts to cocaine is very individual, and so is the time that your body will take to cleanse itself of the drug.
It’s not uncommon for habitual users to fail drug tests 4-6 weeks after they last used; the metabolites are still stored in their bodies, and the drug tests pick that up. If the drug test happens to require a hair sample, cocaine and/or its metabolites can show up years later, even with no subsequent use.

Answer by Russell
Only 3-7 days

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