Can I Take Benzodiazipines for Anxiety if I Have Had Substance Abuse Issues in the Past?

Question by E: can i take benzodiazipines for anxiety if I have had substance abuse issues in the past?
seriously. I’ve been abusing alcohol heavily to self medicate my chronic anxiety on and off for the past ten years or so.. I’ve been to detox a few times, rehab, and hospitals. Of course I’ve dealt with legal trouble as well, because drinking gets me into a lot of trouble as well. I’ve tried counseling, medication, group therapy, holistic treatment, diet change, church, and more than often: trying to force myself to “stop being weak.” Nothing works. According to the state I’m bipolar which qualifies me for disability (I receive SSI and SSDI) here are some of the medications I’ve tried: adderall celexa lexapro effexor wellbutrin buspar lamictal seroquel abilify dalmane ambien trazodone diazepam straterra buspar vistaril. All of those drugs had severe side effects I could not deal with. The cons outweighed the pros. The adderall turned into severe abuse and I became psychotic for months… It took about 6 months after an overdose to calm down. I’ve never experienced mania in my life without drugs so I know for a fact I’m not bipolar. I’m often depressed but mostly anxious. I have VERY lightly abused a few prescription painkillers but honestly not enough to ever call it a serious problem…might have been heading that way for a bit but I sobered up for 18 months, where I put all my strength and energy into “recovery.” I committed myself to AA (the worst program alive) and went to therapy every week. I spoke with my case manager and continued searching for spirituality. I got a job, moderate exercise, and ate will. I was still dying inside. I went to a hospital that put me on heavy mood stabilizers that triggered compulsive over eating which is horrible since I have underlying health issues so I had to quit. The other unbearable side effects I’ve experienced from medication is insomnia, tardive dyskinesia, heart palpitations, swollen throat, cystic acne, and worsened suicidal thoughts. Not worth it, at all. My anxiety is chronic and involves obsessions, social distress, and panic attacks…I used to have them really bad when I was younger and they are coming back. I contacted a load of psychiatrists and none are accepting new clients. The agency I’m assigned to does not prescribe addictive medication especially to people with substance abuse issues. my neighbors use xanax and I have connections if needed be. I’d rather try a lighter one though such klonopin. I’ve heard that it is the less addicting? I’m not drug seeking…just want to treat my symptoms. i’ve used ativan and valium before and they were life savers but I never went after them hard because I was so scared of withdrawal or adding more problems. Thing is, I think about killing myself every single day…maybe I’m a person that just needs a real anxiety medicine, for life?? Any thoughts on this subject would be appreciated. I feel doomed at the moment. thankyou
oh wait dalmane worked beautifully but it was only a temporary prescription and i was too scared to ask the doctor for a refill because i’m insanely terrified of that kind of pill addiction

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Answer by SookieFan
I would highly recommend you dont. Its pretty close but the consequences of addiction are worse than chronic anxiety in my opinion. Make sure they’re a last resort and highly monitored. You might benefit from supported living where they administer your meds for you.

Answer by Christina
im in treatment for an opiate addiction(pain pills, actually any kind of pills) im on suboxone and Im almost done with it.. my anxiety levels are high from either not being on suboxone anymore or i just don’t know how to “handle things” without pills.
regardless, I have informed all my doctors I am on suboxone, that way I don’t get any thing Im not suppose to have. anyways, my husband is also on suboxone and has severe anxiety, he can’t even get Buspar; which is suppose to be non-habit forming. He is now severly depressed and has panic disorder, so what im trying to say, get the treatment you need. Do whatever works for you! and get a new doctor to get some xanax or whatever… there all habit forming but getting them frm your neighbor will just lead u back to your old ways. get a script, that way you ‘don’t run out, when your neighbor does’ and resort to something else…

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