Need Advice Step Son Is Coming to Live With My Husband and I After Being in Rehab for Heroin Addiction….?

Question by Me: Need advice step son is coming to live with my husband and i after being in rehab for heroin addiction….?
My husband and i have been married for about 6 years he has a 13 year old son from a previous relationship. Well his son is coming to live with us he just got out of Rehab for Heroin addiction and his mom wants nothing to do with him at all. Well hubby and i have three son’s of our own 2.4,6 and so as you can imagine i am concerned for there safty and well being but at the same time i also believe in Redemption so to speak everyone makes mistakes and i understand that so i am trying not to hold any preconceived notions about the kid but at the same time never had to really be a step parent to this kid and everything. I mean honestly i am more worried about him relapsing into it because he got into it to begin with because his gf was into it heavily and then she introduced him to it and then she died because of in OD so he got into it heavily trying to block out his pain and everything. Sorry for blabbing i just don’t know what to do with the kid hubby thinks there isn’t a threat and that he will be fine and that we just need to love on him but at the same time i don’t want him here =/. Advice?

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Answer by Cougar Death
he will murder all of you in your sleep

Answer by Janet W
Wow, I understand your concern and the spot your in. It’s a tough one with someone so young. He is still a child. I think that your family needs to have some really tough rules for him in a loving manner. He needs to know that if he lives there that he is going to be home when you tell him to, your going to know who he is around and he is going to do his homework, not miss class and be respectful. It’s sad that his mother has given up on him, yes he did something wrong. Heroin is a terribly addictive drug and using it one time can change your life. It’s not that he is a terrible person it’s that he made a terrible choice. Good luck. If he doesn’t follow the house rules then I think foster care is the only other option with people that can deal better with him. It’s hard to lose a child to drugs but it’s also not responsible to let him influence your other children. Such a hard place to be. Good luck and God bless you.

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