Books or CD’s That Can Help a Recovering Alcoholic?

Question by sweetgirl: Books or CD’s that can help a recovering alcoholic?
Do you know of any books, cds or magazine that may help someone get help for alcoholism.
This is for a friend not for me. He has The AA book but looking for something else maybe reflections or stories of others that have been in his situatuion

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Answer by Andy F
try ebay

Answer by Betty M
If you go to the library, I’m quite sure you will find all you need. If not try a bookstore. If you are willing to go to an AA meeting, you could buy some books there at cost and sometimes others will help you if you are a little short. I have been sober for almost 5 years now. I spent 2 years in the program and for 3 years I have been doing this on my own. I got my basics and know where they are, should I need to go back to a meeting. I don’t want to dissuade you from going by any means, this is your choice. I had to go and knew I could not get or stay sober without the foundation that AA and my sponsor had given to me. Hope this helps and I certainly wish you well.

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