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Is Alcohol or Weed Worse for You?

Question by shining girl: Is alcohol or weed worse for you?
I’ve always wondered if one is worse than the other for your health and if so why?

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Answer by D
booze kills your liver weed just makes you high

Answer by Steven G
Alcohol can cause liver failure, heart problems, and if drink too much can kill you. Marijuana, or weed is a gateway drug. Once your body gets use to the high, it needs more, then you could go to other drugs that could kill you. But, I would say Alcohol is worse, even though drinking moderately can actually help prevent heart disease.

Christian Rehab Located in Florida Offer Valuable Advice


Christian Rehab Located In Florida Offer Valuable Advice – Christian rehab and drug and alcohol treatment centers have been helping addicts and alcoholics stay clean successfully over the past few decades because they are using the most effective treatment methods. Christian rehabs have been able to combine not only the twelve step model that organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous has proven effective but also spiritual principles and teachings. Christian drug and alcohol rehab programs are becoming the top choice for those seeking to become free from addiction and alcoholism because a loving God and a growing relationship with a higher power is showing to work for millions.

SpringHill Recovery Center


SpringHill Recovery Center – Spring Hill Recovery Center provides comprehensive, innovative and holistic residential drug addiction and alcohol rehabilitation for individuals suffering with addiction. Our program uses a multi-disciplinary approach to drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation, with a team of addiction professionals including licensed and certified professionals that have a philosophy and belief echoed in the words of the German poet Goethe “Treat a man as he appears to be, and you make him worse. But treat a man as if he already was what he potentially could be, and you make him what he should be.” ~ At Spring Hill Recovery Center, alcoholism and dual diagnosis, and other substance abuse disorders are treated by highly trained and credentialed professionals who collaborate to guide each resident through an assessment, individualized treatment plan and aftercare plan. Our approach is to provide evidence based clinical treatment therapies in a setting that combines structured social activities conducive to building self-sufficiency and an Eastern philosophical approach to wellness. The residents of Spring Hill Recovery Center are immersed to an environment that is culturally sensitive and diverse.

How Often Must One Get Drunk Before You Would Consider Them an Alcoholic? ?

Question by Frenzy: How often must one get drunk before you would consider them an alcoholic? ?
With what frequency must drinking to get drunk, not having a glass of wine over dinner for instance, occur before you would consider a person an alcoholic?

I don’t buy into this AA mythology that alcoholism is a disease, by the way. It’s an expression of a specific behavior – excessive consumption of alcohol to get become inebriated. So, if you happen to be a member of that cult, you don’t have to answer this question.

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Listing of Drug Classes in Lafayette?

Question by lilsexymomma3: listing of drug classes in Lafayette?
court ordered drug classes?

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Answer by IN PO
Lafayette……………… Indiana? Louisiana? What state?

Your probation officer–or whoever is making sure you’re doing your classes as ordered–should be able to provide you with a list of agencies in your area that offer drug classes…

Or, you could look in the Yellow Pages, or on , and check under “Alcoholism Information & Treatment Centers” for agencies… If they offer counseling for alcohol abuse, they offer counseling for drug abuse…

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Did Any Body Hear About Keith URban Going to Rehab?

Question by Renée: Did any body hear about Keith URban going to rehab?
Doyou have any more details then that?

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Answer by Nurse stat
I have read it . I think he is dealing with a Drug Problem.Maybe check out Country Weekly there you should find the answer

Answer by katey g
nicole is suporting him the whole way and he has had a drug problem for a while

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ICTs and Moral Dilemma in Schools

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