Willem Dafoe Cuts Like a Blade

Willem Dafoe Cuts Like a Blade
In the film Dafoe plays John Petty, a gambling boss in the crumbling industrial town of Braddock, Pennsylvania, who gets Iraq war veteran Rodney Baze (played by Casey Affleck) into a rigged fight for cash. The fight ends up taking a deadly turn and … Read more on Daily Beast

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Digital addiction a risk for youth
There are many examples of process addiction: gambling, Internet use, video games, love, sex, exercise, work and even compulsive spending. “It's a set of potentially pathological behaviours that expose people to mood-altering behaviours and dependence … Read more on Vernon Morning Star

41 Century-Old Predictions For Our 21st Century Socialist Utopia
Reduction of elimination all forms of gambling, including stocks. General acceptance of public ownership or control of public utilities. … Pathological and psychological treatment for criminals. Crime reduced. Due to universal education, with special … Read more on Gizmodo Australia

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