Will Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death Be a Wake-Up Call?

Will Philip Seymour Hoffman's death be a wake-up call?
Police and rehab counselors say that many new addicts are middle-class white kids reluctant to venture to skid row or some menacing drug house to procure drugs. So the Xalisco Boys, as a Denver police narcotics officer has dubbed them, have dispatchers … Read more on Los Angeles Times

Colin Farrell turns romantic in the fantasy film 'Winter's Tale'
Cigarettes and booze and drugs and girls and hotel rooms have all been at Farrell's disposal since he became famous, he says. But the actor … Before he shipped off to rehab nine years ago, he was known as the ultimate Hollywood bad boy. He spent two … Read more on Los Angeles Times

Philip Seymour Hoffman dead: Possible heroin found near body, police say
Academy Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead of an apparent drug overdose inside his New York apartment on Sunday, police said, adding that two glassine envelopes containing what police suspected to be heroin were found near … Read more on Los Angeles Times

Before the ghost photo: The disturbing, gruesome past of the Cecil Hotel
Picture: KABC-TV/DT Source: Supplied. Alderete told KABC-TV Los Angeles he suffered from nightmares after taking the snap. "When I looked at … To an observer it looks as if Lam has consumed drugs when she is filmed in the lift, yet no substances were … Read more on NEWS.com.au

Sirasa Super Star – Season 6 Music video – Battle Round 2014-01-26- Part 2
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