What Is the Molcular Structure of “Black Cocaine”?

Question by Kat: What is the molcular structure of “Black Cocaine”?
So, what is it? I what to use it for my Chemistey mocular model assigment. Is it even a unique compound or is it just a facy/different form of cocaine(having the exact same molcular structure)?

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Answer by YoInDaHouseofDA HOUSE!
It consists of molecules.

Answer by David M
It is cocaine hydrochloride + plus other darkly colored inorganic compounds including sodium thiocyanate…

From wikipedia…

Black cocaine, also known as Coca Negra, is a combination of regular cocaine hydrochloride and various chemicals, such as potassium thiocyanate, usually added at 40% admixture. This renders it undetectable to drug sniffing dogs and the regular chemical tests. Since the result is usually black, it is generally smuggled in as toner in fake IBM or HP brand toner cartridges, fingerprint powder, fertilizer or pigment. The potassium thiocyanate substance is separated out after delivery with a solvent such as acetone and discarded…

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