What Is the Magnitude of a 10 “g” Force on a 5 Kg Mass?

Question by stuckonmath: What is the magnitude of a 10 “g” force on a 5 kg mass?
What is the magnitude of a 10 “g” force on a 5 kg mass?

I know the equation is F = m*a , but i get stuck after that.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by ezalaxy
g is a constant equal to 9.81 meters/second² . So a = 10*g = 98.1 m/s², and m = 5 kg, so F = m*a = 5 * 98.1 = 490.5 N .

Answer by oldprof
It’s clear you have not yet understood the physics of the force of gravity. The special name we give to the force of gravity is weight (W). When you step on your bathroom scale to find out what damage that banana split caused to your diet, you are looking at the force of gravity, your weight, on the scale’s face. (gasp)

Like any force F, the force of gravity will accelerate a mass m like a = F/m = W/m = g while the mass is in free fall in a vacuum.

As you can see, when we talk about weight, we typically use a = g where g is the gravity field or acceleration due to gravity.

So what’s the normal weight of m = 5 kg on Earth where g ~ 9.81 N/kg is the gravity field near Earth’s surface.

That would be F = ma = mg = W = 5*9.81 kg.N/kg = 49.0 Newtons.

But what if we had a gravity field of 10g instead of just g? [See source.]

That would be F = ma = m(10g) = W = 5*10*9.81 kg.N/kg = 490 Newtons. ANS

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