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Omaha, Nebraska – Alcohol Treatment Center – The demand for alcohol rehab in Omaha, Nebraska can be confirmed by the statistics which have been compiled there regarding alcoholism over recent years. Really, these numbers only symbolize the tip of the iceberg regarding the drinking problems that some of the people in the city have. Shockingly, some people will still proceed and find it difficult to get the treatment that they might need for financial reasons or otherwise making it highly likely that they will have long-term damage to their health transpire as a result of their drinking problems. For more information please call 1-866-211-5538 or vist our you can visit our site.


Waiting list for Tullow drug detox programme

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Initially, plans for the new detox facility provided for a methadone detox treatment but, according to the report, it is hoped to expand the service to include benzodiazepinedetoxand alcohol detox services. There were 21 referrals …
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Charlotte city leaders debate alcohol ads on city transit

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Charlotte city leaders are locked in a debate over allowing alcohol advertisements on the outsides of Charlotte Area Transit System buses and light-rail cars. Because of existing contracts, the first liquor ads will be installed this week outside of …
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Woman battles exercise addiction for nearly 20 years

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Experts say since exercise releases endorphins, exercise addicts can experience a 'high' similar to drug and alcohol addicts. David J. Linden, a … There are three types of addiction – chemical, process and physiological, said Andrew Spanswick, a …
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