Jail Time????

Question by ~N LUV~: jail time????
my husband has been on probation for 4.5 years. he wen to jail for two months and is now serving his probation time.he went to a “rehab” type place where people have to center their lives around god. and it was great for him.until 2 weeks ago he has 100% clean. he has been battling his ex wife for custody of his 5 yr old. and has been unsuccessful.and he got down in the dumps. he resorted to cocaine.the day then next day after he had to go take a drug test.he took niasin and went to the local GNC and got a “formula” that is supposed to completely flush his system…it has been four days and his probation officer hasnt called…but if he does go to jail what would be the MAX. time he would serve. we live in New Mexico by the way…sry. plz help me!

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Answer by firekitten
It would be in the court orders. The judge sentences him to a certain amount of time, minus what he already has done and waives it all on the condition he completes his probation with no violations. He would serve the remainder of his term as set out in the court order unless his defender comes to a deal with the d.a.

Answer by TxTopCop
WaaWaaWaaa…. that’s the sorriest excuse I’ve ever heard for getting high… he’s a criminal… he has no business having custody of his child.

As to ‘testing dirty’, he’ll end up serving his original sentence in prison if his probation is revoked.

By the way, the ‘flush’ crap doesn’t work…. it just floods the system….

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