Is Mexico Going to Legalize Marijuana?

Question by Jose7 xD: Is mexico going to legalize marijuana?
I heard rumors that mexico might legalize marijuana due the cause of violence mexico is going through right now. If you have detail information please answer.! ;D

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Answer by Brenden
yes they are considering it and it will most likey pass…i guess we know why we are gonna see more of our teens in mexico eh?

Answer by Don`t Worry Be Happy!
Surely you are Kidding. Mexico is at WAR against it. What good would legalizing it Do? Mexicans are not the users, they are the traffickers. If anything the US may want to give some thought.
Keep in mind ……….where there is demand there is supply.

Legalizing it in Mexico is tantamount to Surrender and that is Not going to happen..
The discussions are about the Medical benefits of Marijuana. This gives AIDS (SIDA) victims and people with sight issues a better life You have to admit it does give you an appetite. lol
There have Never been talks about Legalizing Marijuana except for Medical use.
There have been talks about Decriminalizing small amounts.
You can take a case of beer or a bottle of whisky to the beach and drink it there.
As you know there is a very big difference between Legalizing and decriminalizing
There only place that is legal is Amsterdam. That`s what I`m talkin about, you will Never see that in Mexico
It is saving and extending 1000s of lives here in Canada and Less than 28 grams will not be a criminal offense (Felony) and from what I here the cops just take it from you and enjoy it themselves lol
They call it legalizing but they don`t mean you can then walk in to the Bar and order a Beer and a weed menu.
One thing, if they did how could that stop the flow north ? a very few number of Mexicans use it and the call them “Marijuanos”
If Americans Legalize it with lots of restrictions there would be No More Demand for Mexican weed. That is what this is all about the Demand for weed in a huge Market North of the border. Render the weed invaluable. Talk about Jobs and Tax Money. They could pay off the Trillions in deficit . It is only getting bigger and Americans and Canadians are not going to stop using weed!! Think of all the tourism and Tax money. Then focus on stopping the real devasting drug “Cocaine”
Well, I hope I haven`t bored you.
A friend of mine is a lawyer here in Ontario and I dropped in one Night and he said, I don`t have much to offer you, a couple Lawyers just left after smokin all my Weed and Drinking all my beer.
The Mexican police are required to have an (Orden de Cateo) to enter a home they can Not Illegally enter a home without cause.

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