Is It Possible for a Convicted Sex Offender to Get Custody of His Young Children?

Question by jayne: Is it possible for a convicted sex offender to get custody of his young children?
My 6 year old niece and 3 year old nephew are placed in my home as foster children. The mother has no interest in them but the father is complying with CPS and hopes to gain custody of the children. We recently had a permanency planning meeting and the goal at this time is “reunification with parent pending successful completion of sex offender and drug/alcohol treatment”. This terrifies me because I honestly don’t believe a sex offender can be rehabilitated. My question is would a therapist ever sign off on a convicted sex offender and say he is safe to live with young children? (He also has 2 other kids who live with their mom and he plans to move in with them when he finishes treatment.) Could this actually happen?

Best answer:

Answer by RJ
Probably depends on the nature of the crime they commit

Answer by Jesus H Christ
Depends on the individual case. If his crime involved pre pubescent children then no.

If it was consensual sex but classed as statutory “rape” because she was 15/16/17 then he has every right to see his children now he has served his time. If he sexually assualted an adult then the same.

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