Ibogaine and Opiates?

Question by andrew: Ibogaine and Opiates?
I need help getting off pain killers after years of just being handed script after script of about every pain killer on the market from doctors that didn’t wanna do anything for me…I became addicted…or dependent because of the everyday regular use for pain. I’ve been on them for close to 3 years and have now finally found a doctor who was willing to do MRI’s and find out what was causing this severe pain. Soon after seeing him he diagnosed with Degeneratie Disc Disease and preformed 2 failed micrdiscectomys. Here in about 2 weeks I will finally be getting my back fused. After all this is over with I would like to stop living my life from one script to the next for fear of going into withdrawal…. I have heard of something called Ibogaine which supposedly can break your addiction with no withdrawal symptoms what so ever….however…to my understanding the drug is illegal in the united states. Is there any way I can get it…are there clinics like there are for methadone or suboxone?
I can’t take the depression and the sickness. I went to rehab for a week and stayed clean the whole time…but i couldn’t take being away from my girlfriend and family. Help me…

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Answer by Rob
First of all, yes there are places that offer ibogaine treatment. It is illegal in the united states so you will have to go out of country.
if this is something you can afford i would highly reccomend it.
you also may have some luck obtaining ibogaine in its natural form on your own.
I dont know how well this treatment works personally but as soon as i can afford to i plan to try it.
if you want to get your life back in order in the meantime, suboxone or methadone are two good options.

heres an ibogaine clinic in mexico.

a simple “ibogain clinic” search will provide alot more info. hope this helped.

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