Guys, Would You Give Up Your Stable Desk Job to Become a Professional Gambler…?

Question by Savvy Bulge: Guys, would you give up your stable desk job to become a professional gambler…?
…given that it’s likely a one-way street?

Assume you can make $ 50k-$ 100k per year consistently.
Assume you’ve taken substantial risks with your life in the past.
Assume this job market condition holds fast through 15 years from now (where “Do not apply if you don’t already have a job” is written in the job ads)

I seriously don’t think anyone in the straight-laced, white-collared, slave community is going to hire you with “professional gambler, 15 years” on your resume. And forget getting a serious job after relocating to Vegas–INTERVIEWER: “So what brings you out to Las Vegas?” APPLICANT: “I, uh, got kinduva gamblin’ problem.” (Alternatively, and similarly to no avail “This job gunna be strictly a side-gig b/c Ima be rakin’ in the dough at the tables up in this muffuka.”)

I’ve already tested the waters with women here–none of them (feminist or non-feminist) will touch a professional gambler for fear he would gamble away their ability to secretly max out the family credit cards.

You’d have to 1) create a front business that existed in name only and call yourself something artificial and pretentious, like CEO, so you could fit in with the (least) squares (method) and 2) squirrel away ~$ 20k that you will never touch in order to subsequently bribe a bunch of professional contacts to say you worked for them over the years, should the gambling thing get old or worn out.
Laura: You’re walking talking proof that women just don’t get it.

Best answer:

Answer by 5lutty Pineapple
Hey you better know when to hold’em.
Know when to fold’em.
Know when to walk away.
And know when to run.

Answer by Lorraine
Why is this directed at men only? I’m a woman and I’ve won second highest prize in mega money, fantasy five and lotto. The first was lotto and it was almost $ 5000.00. I thought wow, if I could get a hold on this I could be set forever. But I tried and tried and never got anything more than 4 right again, paying about $ 70.00. There are people in Vegas that are professional gamblers and I think you have to be something of lucky person and able to read people to do it. I would only get involved with a professional gambler with a long track record of winning money.

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