Do You Think Science Can Fix What Evolution Has Given Us if You Don’t Believe in Creation?

Question by I’LL BE BACK: Do you think science can fix what evolution has given us if you don’t believe in Creation?
SCIENTISTS are hard at work to try to find genetic causes for alcoholism, drug addiction, promiscuity, violence, other aberrant behavior, and even for death itself. Would it not be a relief to find that we are not responsible for our actions but are merely victims of biology? It is human nature to blame someone or something else for our errors.

If the genes are to blame, scientists hold out the possibility of changing them, eliminating undesirable traits through genetic engineering. The recent success in mapping the entire human genome has given such aspirations new impetus.

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Answer by Talon
Not in the immediate future, but it is possible..

Answer by WellTraveledProg
“Blame” is a subjective concept which has nothing whatsoever to do with biology.
And scientists aren’t looking for “genetic causes” to blame things on — they’re trying to understand what might influence human behaviors and diseases. Understanding is always worthwhile.


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