Do You Know Someone Who Has Been on the Tv Show?

Question by monkeybone3: Do you know someone who has been on the tv show?
“Intervention”??? I was watching the other day and there was a guy I knew from childhood/teen years. I was shocked! I never knew he had problems back when… He looked bad…real bad. And he’s only like 3-4 years older than me.

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Answer by Michael H in New Orleans
I never seen anyone I know on the show, but I have gone to my High School Reunions. I couldn’t believe the difference a few years made in some of them. One of the most popular girls in school (Cheerleader and in all the best clubs) was now divorced and fighting a cocaine addiction. Others that had been shy and kind of nerdy , were now outgoing and cool. Time changes everyone, unfortunately it’s not always for the better.

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