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Is Marijuana Bad for You?

Question by : Is marijuana bad for you?
Im currently in high school i have been really stressed because i may be pregnant from being raped. Some of my friends do it and some of peers do it. Some of my teachers already think i do it because they say i have the personality of someone that does marijuana but, they don’t get made because im doing well in class and not getting in trouble. So im like why not ?

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Answer by Rob
One word:


Answer by Lindy Oenly

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When Someone Is Addicted to Something Does It Have a Chemical Mechanism?

Question by *TiGeR MoTh*: when someone is addicted to something does it have a chemical mechanism?
Like when some one is addicted to drugs, does it have a chemical mechanism, or is it because that person mind got use to that??

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Answer by GattacaAmbition
The short answer is yes. Most literature on the subject now differentiates between physical and psychological addiction. Both in a way involve chemical signaling.

What Does Cigarettes Actually Do Towards the Smoker?

Question by iNOOB: What Does Cigarettes Actually Do Towards The Smoker?
All the smokers i asked say that it relieves stress?
is that true?
i also heard that smoking helps you loose weight?

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Answer by ez80227
yup, and they also kill you. have at it.

Answer by Omega-Xis
Smoking fills you with happy magical rainbows and polycorns.

Also they kill you by drowning you in your own fluids when you 50 yrs old….if you live that long. 😉

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3rd New Orleans jail escapee recaptured, sheriff says

What Artist Has I My Limousine Is Filled With Cocaine?

Question by Justin: what artist has i my limousine is filled with cocaine?

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Answer by Steve P
“has i my limousine is filled with cocaine”

…. uhhh… ever think about rehab?


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Man in NY gets 5 years for aiding terror group

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The Goose Creek High School player ruled ineligible by the South Carolina High School League has filed a lawsuit seeking reinstatement to the team on the basis of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The injunction,More >>. The Goose Creek High School …
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Why Do People Take Vitamin C With Cocaine?

Question by Master Chiefer: Why do people take vitamin C with cocaine?
I’ve heard those Grateful Dead lyrics, “living on reds vitamin c and cocaine” and im just wondering what it means.

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Answer by Diaz Ravelli
I thought Vitamin C was cocaine….

Answer by neo hippie
vitamin c intensifies trips…like acid and shrooms and ex.
but i’ve never heard of anyone using vitamin c to intensify a coke high.

i’m guessing either they actually drank OJ while binging on uppers, or vitamin c just happened to fit well with the rhythm in the song.

Why Are Cigarettes Taxed & Alcoholics & Drug Abusers Receiving S.S. Disability?

Question by Heidi 4: Why are cigarettes taxed & alcoholics & drug abusers receiving S.S. Disability?
I know several of these people who receive S.S.I. and yet are working side jobs & getting paid under the table. More money for alcohol & drugs which we all pay for. These same people receive food stamps and turn around and sell the food stamps for more drugs & booze.

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Answer by Lkn4trouble
It completes the entitlement circle! If there is a way to screw the system…entitlement abusers are the ones who find it!

And you and I get to foot the BILL!