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Can Drugs Damage Your Physical or Mental Health Even if You Do Them Just Once?

Question by Marc: Can drugs damage your physical or mental health even if you do them just once?
my brother used alot of drugs like cocaine speed etc and it gave him problems like neurosis panick attack,high blood pressure also(im not sure) and feeling like he was high without taking anything and other stuff im not sure about and he told me never to do those drugs not even once because it will make my mental health even worse

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I Need Information on Weather Drug Addiction Is Inherieted or Is It Learned Behavior & the Difference Between?

Question by pookie: I need information on weather drug addiction is inherieted or is it learned behavior & the difference between?
Im doing a study on drug addiction and need to know whether it is inherited or passed down from generation to generation or do you learn to use drugs from family members or peer pressure.

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Answer by zapata
98% of psychology uses intuition to describe,and analyze human behavior,anecdotal evidence might be dna studies,,,inconclusive,,,,societal factors,ditto,,,,,biological factors,such as sensitivity to foods,chemicals as these often bear on topics such as l/d,add/hd,anti social tendencies,if these professions understood drug addiction,they’d have vaccines

Are There Any Scenes in Any Movies That Portray What Being on Drugs Is Like?

Question by nickname: Are there any scenes in any movies that portray what being on drugs is like?

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Answer by Kait
I was watching Training Day the other day… that had a scene that made it seem like what a character was seeing. I’ve never DONE drugs, so can’t tell you if the feeling is true…

Answer by music lover
thirteen- really opened my eyes to what it would be like with peer pressure, drugs, drinking, etc
hope it helps

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I Need Help With This Homework Question?

Question by Alois Trancy: I need help with this homework question?
Im doing homework for biology about drugs and effects it has and theres a question i cant think of an answer for.. Help? The question i have to answer is: What would you tell a patient who asks, “Is my addiction a disease? Will I ever be cured?” Justify your answer.

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Answer by Jonathan
Yes with a strong will

Elaborate on that……

How Did the Singer of Quiet Riot Die????

Question by James L: How did the singer of Quiet Riot die????
I have known this for a long time. But do any of you know what he died from? Probably from drugs, lol.

Thanks 🙂

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Answer by rap1361
here is an article.

The death last month of Kevin Dubrow, lead singer for the 1980s heavy metal band Quiet Riot, has been ruled an accidental cocaine overdose.

Clark County coroner spokeswoman Samantha Charles confirmed the cause Monday after toxicology results were received Monday.

Is Mexico Going to Legalize Marijuana?

Question by Jose7 xD: Is mexico going to legalize marijuana?
I heard rumors that mexico might legalize marijuana due the cause of violence mexico is going through right now. If you have detail information please answer.! ;D

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Answer by Brenden
yes they are considering it and it will most likey pass…i guess we know why we are gonna see more of our teens in mexico eh?

Answer by Don`t Worry Be Happy!
Surely you are Kidding. Mexico is at WAR against it. What good would legalizing it Do? Mexicans are not the users, they are the traffickers. If anything the US may want to give some thought.
Keep in mind ……….where there is demand there is supply.