Christians: Is Gambling a Sin, and if So, Why???

Question by Tyler M: Christians: Is gambling a sin, and if so, why???
I don’t see any scripture which says it’s a sin. I can understand that gambling can become an addiction for people and can fuel greed in people as well, but should this make it a “sin” for everyone?

Drinking alcohol or eating sugar or chocolate both can be addictions and foster gluttony in people, but neither one is considered a “sin” in and of itself. Or how about even working? Working is a good thing, but it also can foster a greedy, materialistic, self-serving and prideful lifestyle in people and it too can be addictive (i.e. “workaholics”).

We “gamble” in our daily lives all the time, sometimes because we have no choice and often also because we choose to. We “gamble” when we play the stock market or make other investments. We “gamble” whenever we take a chance in the hopes of winning a positive outcome while losing in a negative outcome.

I just don’t see why gambling should be a problem. I go to Vegsa and am able to gamble for fun, as entertainment. Why is this “sin”?
***correction above – I said “we gamble with the hopes of winning a positive outcome…” and it should continue “…while NOT losing in a negative outcome.”

One additional point…with gambling, for a person who doesn’t have a problem or addiction with it, you not only get entertainment out of it, but you also get a chance to actually win back your money, or more. I played “Rapid Roulette” on my last trip, every “session” I started with $ 20 and played the $ 2.50 min. bet. That was minimum 8 spins, usually you win at least once, if not more, and can play longer. Every time I did this, I played for at least an hour. $ 20 for an hour of entertainment isn’t bad. It’s cheaper than a show. And this doesn’t even count the times I played longer on $ 20 or the times I WON (once I won $ 200 after playing for 2 hours). So gambling can actually be a far BETTER choice for entertainment for the person who can handle it, just like chocolate can be a good dessert for someone who can handle it.

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Answer by georgemichael

because what it comes down to is you winning at the expense of someone else. it is a form of theivery.

did deuling to the death in the old days make it any less of murder just because they both agreed to it?

Answer by Mr. 007
no, but the bible does warn us about getting rich quick.

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