Addiction Treatment: Where the Rich and Famous Go for Addiction Treatment

Where The Rich And Famous Go For Addiction Treatment

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Richard Taite is a bit of an incongruity. For the CEO of one of the world?s most successful addiction treatment facilities (financially and in treatment success rate), he?s refreshingly down-home and modest, in an industry that?s often not so. Part of his humility might come from the fact that he was an addict himself for 20 years before getting clean, becoming professionally successful, and …
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Road Map to 2014 – Ryan Springer of the Danya Institute and Todd Molfenter and Ailene Wehren of NIATx discuss how to best prepare for the upcoming changes in the world of behavioral healthcare. “Specialty care knowledge is valuable,” said Ryan Springer, the Executive Director of the Danya Institute, at an April 25, 2012, health care reform symposium in Towson, Maryland. “You come from a place of strength,” he told the audience of behavioral and substance abuse health care workers. The April 25 symposium was presented by The Danya Institute, the Open Society Institute of Baltimore, and NIATx. It focused on the transition to January 2014, when key provisions of the Affordable Care Act become effective. The Supreme Court largely affirmed the Affordable Care Act in June 2012. Mr. Springer emphasized key concepts that behavioral and substance abuse health care providers should keep in mind during the transition to 2014. “Collaboration is key,” Mr. Springer said. He also highlighted finding diversified funding sources, using technology to streamline staff efficiency, being open to change, and collecting and applying “best practice” data. Aileen Wehren, who holds an Executive Staff position at Porter-Starke Services, Inc., and Todd Molfenter, co-Deputy Director of NIATx, also spoke. Porter-Starke is an Indiana community mental health center. NIATx is a research, training, and consulting group on behavioral health and addiction treatment within the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During Ms