Why Are Cigarettes Taxed & Alcoholics & Drug Abusers Receiving S.S. Disability?

Question by Heidi 4: Why are cigarettes taxed & alcoholics & drug abusers receiving S.S. Disability?
I know several of these people who receive S.S.I. and yet are working side jobs & getting paid under the table. More money for alcohol & drugs which we all pay for. These same people receive food stamps and turn around and sell the food stamps for more drugs & booze.

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Answer by Lkn4trouble
It completes the entitlement circle! If there is a way to screw the system…entitlement abusers are the ones who find it!

And you and I get to foot the BILL!

Answer by Victory !
I guess if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the Problem.

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