What Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs Are About Drugs?

Question by kylra: what red hot chili peppers songs are about drugs?
i already know strip my mind and she looks to me

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Answer by mikehasastrat
I will give you an exhaustive list of RHCP songs that are about drugs. my friend. I’ll go as chronologically as possible, and give a brief explanation. I’ll also let you know if the song is about drugs straight from Anthony Kiedis’ mouth, or if it’s more left to the listener. this is basically be a list of every song that mentions drugs for any reason.
Police Helicopter- not necessarily about drugs, but was written while AK was tripping and swore that police helicopters were all around his building ready to take him down, this song was written using that experience.
Grand Pappy Du Plenty- an instrumental, I know, but it just seems to bring up the seedy, dark, menacing grunge or the mid 80’s, and leave it all out in the open. You can’t help but think about a drug deal going down in an alley during the 80s when you listen to this song.
Fight Like A Brave is an anthem promoting the clean lifestyle. Basically, don’t accept the death and grave that drugs lead to, instead fight like a brave.
Subterranean Homesick Blues tells a story of a drug dealer and the government’s stance on it.
Knock Me Down is good one, talks about everyone thinks that they know their limit. Nobody easily comes out and says “I have a problem”, you know what I mean? It’s a cry for help, “If you see me getting mighty, if you see me getting high, knock me down. I’m not bigger than life.” It’s a plead for someone to smack some sense into him, he knows that he is not bigger than life, but he needs someone else to tell him. to give him no other option but to accept it.
Taste The Pain is a song about coming off of a high, how great the high is and how shitty the fall is.
Under The Bridge is an obvious one, discussing his exploits out to score drugs under a bridge, and the extreme emptiness and loneliness that envelops his soul when he’s in the process of copping and doing drugs, and how it’s 10fold worse when he;s coming down.
My Lovely Man- not in itself about drugs, but an ode to his best friend who he lost to a heroin overdose.
Warped- the beginning is a scream for help. “My tendency for dependancy is offending me, it’s upending me. I’m pretending see to be strong and free, from my dependancy. it’s warping me.” Bam. straight right there you got it. he’s trying to hide his pain, hide his addiction and his slips, trying to pretend and hide it, but his dependancy is winning in the end. chorus- descend, all the way, every day.”
aeroplane- I like pleasure spiked with pain, and music is my aeroplane.” That motherF******r’s always spiked with pain. looking in my own eyes, i can’t find the love i want. This whole song is a plea, a separated entity looking back into himself to see the way that the substance is destroying and enveloping him.
My Friends- a call to help, a call for others to ask for help.
Tearjerker- another song written about a close friend who he’d lost to drugs.
transcending- overcoming all the bullshit flowing around, getting over the drugs and dirt and gunk.
Scar Tissue- about the desire to share these scars, these memories, these thoughts that have happened. A desire to share oneself with someone else. A wish to get over the mental and physical wounds brought about by drugs and alcohol.
californication, in a lesser form, about the general decline and consumption of americana, all the plastic surgery and bullshit to be beautiful or whatnot.
Porcelain is about a girl he met while in rehab who was having a baby, but she couldn’t quit her substances. So she was just so weak, so much like porcelain, that one touch would shatter her. The idea of that truly is heartbreaking.
universally speaking- about a girl who lives to get high, and the potential that she has to be great.
This is the place “Where all the junkies go”
don’t forget me references drugs- “i’m a meth lab, first rehab” “I’m an imbred, and a pot head” Basicallyt just about 2 people who are not perfect by a long shot, but they’ll always be there for each other.
Slow Cheetah- There’s no medicine to take, I’ve had a chance to be insane, I had a chance to break”
those are pretty much the straight up, to the point drug referential RHCP songs.

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